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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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Best RAW processor ever?! Get YOUR photos processed by DxO PureRAW, LIVE! (LIVE Replay)

Photo Moment - April 14, 2021

I accepted RAW photo submissions from live viewers and showed their own photos processed by PureRAW! It's amazing to see the details restored so easily!

This is a replay of the LIVE show! I go live every Tuesday 10am Pacific or Wednesday 9pm Pacific (or some other random time if those don't work out) for a show of random chattering and meandering tech. It's a great place to get any lingering questions you have, answered!

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I do with DXO PureRaw had more manual control. Also I wish they supported lens profile Rusty's in the raw file.
Be sure to check if your camera is supported. After downloading the trial version, I was saddened to find out my cameras were not supported. These are multiple months old, so I was very surprised. BTW, Topaz DeNoiseAi supports their raw files. Just bed sure before spending your hard earned money.
So if I understand correctly, this program is of no use if you are a Leica camera user🤔 Leica has a DNG Raw file by default !!!!
And I don’t know why I watched this video, Leica don’t need those kind of software it is already perfect 🤩 when using LR CC❗️
One, it handles Leica files just fine. See the compatibility list at and two, Leica's are great cameras, no doubt, but no camera is noise-free at high ISO. Download the trial and see for yourself.
@PhotoJoseph LIVE thanks I haven’t taken a look at the support file yet 👍🏻
Check it out, and hopefully your camera is supported!
RAW Auto processing from DXO PureRaw need to integrate in DXO Photolab.

DXO Photolab has no auto processing like Adobe Lightroom.
I sure it does. When you open an image, it’s processed. You can even choose presets to apply automatically in the preferences. And PhotoLab has the same engine as PureRAW.
I use Topaz jpg to raw software to convert jpg’s to dng files. Unfortunately these raw files cannot be processed by PureRAW. And Idea why?
yeah, because they aren't real RAW files. You can't un-bake a cake. Converting JPEG to a DNG is a hack. Sire, you may get better results than from the JPEG, but it's not a real RAW file, and not as good as if the photo was shot in RAW in the first place.
Winging it!
Uh, yeah :-)
What would be the purpose of purchasing this if you were to own Photo Lab 4 Elite version?
Convenience only. This is really made for non PhotoLab users who don't want to use PhotoLab. But if you are using PhotoLab just to process RAW files, then this would be more convenient.
Hi, would you be able to ask DxO if they had any interest in eventually producing a plug-in for, say, Adobe after effects, or Davinci resolve to apply their lens corrections technology to video files?
Unless the video was RAW, it wouldn't work. What they do requires the raw data. And I'm not even sure this could be done to a video file. I suggest posting the question on twitter, and tagging @dxoLabs to see what they say.
@PhotoJoseph LIVE Thanks for the reply. I actually was thinking of raw video, because you loose in-camera processing of distortion (most importantly), and chromatic aberration. There are other solutions for noise. Given the data rates, I highly suspect that ProRes raw and BRAW are all-I formats. The metadata for the file should give camera and lens type. So the corrections should be able to be done frame-by-frame.
Good point. Very interesting. Please do ask on Twitter and tag me, and let’s see what they say. I’ll have a separate conversation offline with them. I would suspect that it’s no financially feasible to do, but who knows!
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