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Comparing the LIVE encoding quality of ATEM Mini vs Pearl-2

Photo Moment - October 14, 2020

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This is a replay of the LIVE show! I go live every Wednesday at 10am Pacific for a show of random chattering and meandering tech. It's a great place to get any lingering questions you have, answered!

Read this first so you know what you're looking at!

Today's show streamed in two parts, comparing the Epiphan Pearl-2 to the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO, both of which have built-in hardware encoders. I started streaming at 6 Mbit, then by request, dropped both encoders lower, to 3 Mbit. Other than just comparing the main stream, I also played a live stream stress test made by Aaron Parecki, which you can purchase here for your own tests.

I changed bitrate from 6 Mbit to 3 Mbit right around 32:00, so if you want to compare, scrub to there. The stress test at 6 Mbit can be seen around 22:00 and the stress test at 3 Mbit is around 40:00

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The Pearl-2 version of the show is above; the ATEM version below!


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