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Getting Started with NFT (a How-to)

Photo Moment - September 16, 2021

By now you've probably heard of NFT — a secure way to sell digital art. It's exciting, it's interesting, and it's confusing AF. With the help of a couple of experts, I've figured out how to do this, and I'm going to show you how!


I have minted a collection of fine art images, “The Sculpture Series”. I minted 100 editions of the first image, and will be giving away at least half of them before listing the rest for sale. Then images two through seven will be released in succession, each with ten editions available. And finally, the eighth image in the series has been minted with an edition of just one. 


  1. I'm a n00b!
  2. What are NFT, and why should you care? 
  3. Fungible vs non-Fungible
  4. What is the blockchain?
  5. Fungible vs non-fungible tokens on the blockchain
  6. Art; physical and NFT
  7. Why… why should you care about NFT?
  8. What the Sculpture Series is, as an NFT series
  9. How to mint NFT (on Tezos)
  10. The pieces needed (funding, wallet, minting, auction/buy/sell)
  11. Funding with Coinbase
  12. Wallet (Kukai)
  13. Minting with H=N (hic et nunc)
  14. buying, selling, auctioning with objkt

The Sculpture Series

  • To learn more about the collection, click here
  • To see and (eventually) buy the NFT collection on OBJKT, click here

Links in the Show

Further Reading about Crypto, NFTs and Blockchain

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Why are stocks fungible ? Couldn’t the stock prices be different depending when u buy it therefore making the value not equal
It’s not about the value if you’re exchanging for the same stock. One share of TSLA has the same value as another share of TSLA.
Great explainer sir 👍🏼
Thanks mate!
Interesting. No one has explained it like this before so I think I actually understand it now.
Awesome, thanks!
Interesting, now I might create my own NFT's :)
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