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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, now featured on the PhotoJoseph LIVE YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

Auto Load Graphic with Camera Angle Switch

Photo Moment - March 13, 2021

If you want a different graphic to come up with each camera angle automatically, you'll need to build a Macro to do that. And I'll show you how!

Need an ATEM Mini?

What this tip is about…

If you have time when producing a live show to load the next shot into the Preview, load the graphic into the Preview, and then bring it live — that's great. But you don't always have the time or luxury to do that! Plus, if you only have one Media Player (like the ATEM Mini, ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Pro ISO have), then you can't preview a different graphic anyway. So, macros to the rescue!

In this video tip, I'll show you how to create a macro that simultaneously changes camera angle and loads up the graphic that you want. This could be a lower third (someone's name), a team name, a logo, or anything else you can put in the Media Player!

When creating macros, there are some rules you need to obey. For example, macro assume nothing. For example… just because you're on CAM1 when you start recording the macro, that doesn't mean you don't have to record switching to CAM1. The macro only records what you do, so if you don't switch to CAM1 (even if you have to switch away first, then come back) the macro won't include that command!

Creating multiple similar macros though can get tedious, and are prone to error. So in the very next ATEM (mini) Tips, I will show you how to record just one macro, then build the other three using an XML editor!

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What is the best way to share a power point presentation with atem mini pro. Mine get blurry when I share as a erf
Thanks, I was thinking about this feature recently
My Macro never saves the chroma sampling function or adjustment. Is this a limitation with the ATEM or am I doing something wrong? My green screen lighting is inconsistent hence why I need to manually adjust it to get a good chroma keying effects. Any thoughts?
Are you changing the settings while recording the macro? Remember, it only does what you tell it.
@PhotoJoseph I am.. it just never records the actual color selection to be able to make the screen perfect. The work around i have is select the color first manually.. then all other macros work fine when keying.
Oh interesting; so the act of choosing a specific color doesn’t record? Or are you sampling from that weird picker, hoping to have it sample different values every time you run the macro? If so I’m not surprised that doesn’t work. If you’re trying to dial in a specific color though, when recording the macro, wiggle the HSL sliders to record those. That should work.
@PhotoJoseph its using the sampler that doesn't record. The sampler is quite useful when your lighting is inconsistent to give me that sharp chroma key. BTW... All your videos on the Atem Mini Pro have been quite useful. My Zoom call and presentation quality have been the main topic of conversation everytime. Especially when using macros to switch views and PIP and overlays etc. Thanks much.
@Andre McLean nice to hear, thank you!
How can you add a transition for the lt in the macro?
same way you do normally… build it in the preview, then AUTO (transition).
GREAT series!
Great Video, There aren't many videos covering pattern subject. Is it possible to customize the shape of the square pattern to parallelogram or trapezoid, By moving the outlines of the pattern? or is it possible to upload a complete customized pattern shape via photoshop?
What pattern are you asking about? The shape was made in photoshop and can be any shape. Watch the rest of this series; there’s a lot more than this to learn!
Thx Joseph! Love the tips
Just got my extreme ISO today. Ready to start getting it into production.
Awesome! You’ll love the next tip then… posting in an hour or so!
Super helpful series - thanks Joseph!
Any tips you want to see?
Creating LT's. I don't have PhotoShop. Can I export graphics from FCP to ATEM Media Pool?
ps: I thought I heard that you are in Ashland, Oregon. I just drove through there and could not believe the damage done in Talent ! Hope you are doing well.
Not from FCP… actually, maybe you can, hmm… you can export a PNG but I don't know if it'll honor the transparency. You'll have to try! However my very next video is about creating proper graphics using PSD or any other photo editor. And yes, Ashland. The fires were horrible. Started just a couple of miles from my home and studio, but the wind pushed it the opposite direction. We got lucky; thousands did not.
@PhotoJoseph Looking forward to the next informative ATEM mini tip. Always a very very helpful and with a piece of the puzzle that can be immediately implemented. Thanks for your wonderful spirit of giving and sharing of you knowledge!
Hi is it possible u can do a tutorial about the new software update regarding tethering an iPhone?
It’s on the list!
Thanks for this tutorial! It’s quite useful! Regarding some ATEM questions: what would be the fastest way to edit a project created ATEM Mini Pro ISO in Davinci Resolve if it involves any kind of DVE/PIP content? As far as I know, this information is not saved on the Davinci Project, only on the mixed down version.
It actually is saved! You get all the placement of the PiP in Resolve!
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for your response! I have been testing it this afternoon, recording a PIP camera over another input. The camera cuts are recorded, along with some keyframes, but I wasn't able to export or replicate the mixed output file. I created a video about the test, that might be useful for a future episode of ATEM mini tips:
@La Hora Maker Sorry I missed this; comments with links get flagged as spam. I watched the video (just half way to where I saw that the PiP was full screen in Resolve) and my guess is that you need to update Resolve. Make sure you have the latest version of Resolve and the latest version the ATEM software installed on the ATEM itself. Let me know.
@PhotoJoseph thanks for your response and thanks for checking the video. By the end of the video, I check the versions of both parts. Resolve is 17.1 and ATEM Software Control is 8.6. I will double check the firmware version of the ATEM Mini, to make sure that the device is properly updated too and report back.
@PhotoJoseph thanks again for the pointer! Your new video has popped up today in my suggestions, so I took the time to double check all details. My Davinci Resolve version is 17.1 and the behavior both in Windows and Mac is identical (no PIP position recorded). I also checked the ATEM Control Software and it's the latest version 8.6. However, as I connected using ATEM Setup I discovered the switcher was configured using 8.5.2. I read the release notes for 8.5.3 and 8.6 and no changes seem to be related to this issue. Nonetheless, I have just upgraded the firmware to version 8.6 and I'll check again in the forthcoming days.
Thank you!
You’re welcome!
Joseph, I would love to see a tip on how you did the graphics on the super source you used during the The Three Men and a ATEM video. There was a BG, Super Source, and then you had a border. Was that one file? And then the lower thirds. A lot of graphics. It would be cool to get some details.
Thank you!!!
That question will largely be answered in the next video, number 4. If you still have questions after that, please ask them there!
@PhotoJoseph Perfect, looking forward to it😀
This is Fantastic !!!
thank you kindly!
nice ! keep going with this please :)
You got it!
Thanks for the new series, Joseph! Can you show us how to change existing macros? For instance if I wanted to insert a 0,5 second fade between switching camera angles.
It’s actually on my list already. But to give you an early hint; record a new macro of just what you need (the pause), then edit the XML and combine them. Today’s tip #3 will show a little XML editing; releasing in a few hours.
@PhotoJoseph Cool - You're a star! Different topic: Did you get your hands on the Hollyland 400S Pro already?
Not the Pro… what’s the difference?
excelent tip @PhotoJoseph
Thank you!
These are excellent!
It would be great if you could attach macros to the switcher buttons. i.e. when you hit button 1 do the switch then run a specified macro. The Extreme allows that for the 6 macro buttons so it should be possible for Blackmagic to do it for others.
One question: it can take some time for a macro to run (because of pauses) and you can loop a macro. Can you run another macro whist the fist one is still running?
We’ve been asking for the ability to reprogram unused buttons since day 1. I’m going to guess it’s not possible at the point. And no you can’t run macros simultaneously. That could be a recipe for disaster. When one is running if you start another, it immediately takes over and stops the first one.
Any chance to show us how to use FTP with the atem mini and a Mac?
There's no FTP server in the ATEM… what are you trying to achieve?
@PhotoJosephPhotoJoseph There is an FTP functionality by using Cyberduck while on the same network as the Atem mini pro/iso. Just enter the IP address of the Atem mini pro/iso while there is a drive connected and you will be able to see the files recorded.
I like how you've edited these videos: turning to address the camera. Subtle, but effective. If you get time to do a meta-tutorial, on how you light and film these, we'd love that. Great audio and exposure too.
haha thanks, that's not a bad idea for like episode 20 or 50 or something. I'm still refining it but also trying to keep it as simple as possible, so I can crank these out. And thank you — someone else disagreed with you and said it's <<a 'portrait chest enlargement stance' + that ''I'm looking at my monitor and back' impression looks just odd & feels cringy>>. I mean… it's a real demo. I'm actually recording, and looking at the camera when addressing the audience… but you can't please everyone! I'm glad I've pleased you though ;-)
Love the atem mini tips keep them coming.
You got it, more to come!
Always great information and tips and easy lo learn, thank you. 👍
Thanks for saying that!
This was an excellent way to introduce the marvels of macros. I look forward to Tip #003!
More to come!
How can you fix audio sync issues when using a macbook even when its running audio through the camera. Another great video would be the best way to route audio so things can be played from VLC while also running a zoom call.
You e lost me… what does audio from the MacBook have to do with video from the camera? To the second question… so you want to use one computer that’s both running a zoom call with the ATEM as the “webcam” and simultaneously play videos from the computer that go through the ATEM, right? Easy enough but not advisable. The “webcam” video view is down scaled to 720p or less in Zoom. It’s better to play videos through the screen share and check the “playing video” box. That optimizes for video playback. Unfortunately running an entire production through an ATEM for a zoom call is not going to give you the best quality.
@PhotoJoseph sorry I wasn't super clear on the macbook question. On a lot of my clients macbook pro 2013 15" models I cannot achieve sync with any means and even when using the audio from the camera it's in and out of sync. Seems to happen only on MacBooks.
But what’s not in sync, viewed where? The audio from the camera-attached mic and the video from that camera aren’t in sync? What does the MacBook have to do with it? That’s where you’re viewing the video? Via USB? In what software? Please book some time with me; your explanations just aren’t helping me to understand, sorry
I followed everything you said. Yet I don’t see it switch to the lower third when I select camera 2.
I’m going to go through this again,
Keep us posted!
Photo Joseph I want thank you from the bottom of my heart for these tips. I’m following your instructions on creating these lower thirds Macros. Thank you!! I would love to see a tip on setting up the 810 mini for live streaming with the 810 Mini Iso
Thank you Edward, that’s kind of you to say. There isn’t much to do other than punch in the stream key but I think that’s a great topic. Added to the list!
Is this only feature for pro and pro iso ? I mean the standard Atem Mini don’t have it ?
Nope! This works on ALL ATEM models. In fact I recorded this demo using the original ATEM Mini.
@PhotoJoseph thanks 🙏 u have the best Atem connect in whole YouTube 💪🏼 keep up the good work 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
@Y=mx+c thanks man!
Smart series. Thx!
Those L3 are sharp.
Haha thanks
Hy Joseph. Great series. I am using the atem Mini pro with one camera and a notebook with PowerPoint for webinars . Can I use the lower thirds on top of the chroma key use . So that my cam1 is in the PowerPoint and a lower third comes in ? Thx
If I’m understanding correctly, then yes — use both the upstream key and the downstream key together
@PhotoJoseph thx for the tip. Just tried it and I believe it can’t work. In media player 1 is my background for the chroma key do I would need another for the lower thirds. With the extreme I could resolve the problem
I do this on my Pro. HDMI 1 is cam 1 of me. HDMI 2 is my laptop sending it s 2nd monitor to the atem pro - aka the PowerPoint show screen. The chroma key is using the DVE palette to set of a PIP of cam 1 on top of HDMI 2. The media player is set to the lower third. Bring in the LT using the downstream key - only accessible in the control software panel.
@Los Altos Politico thanks for responding. I missed @natureone82’s reply.
Thank you so much. But I have question. Is there any way to save picture on ATEM. I mean when I turn on the device the picture saved in media player.
all models except the original Mini can do that since an update sometime last year. Make sure you have the latest version installed, then select "save startup state" (something like that) in the menu.
@PhotoJoseph I did that. But unfortunately, all setting saved expect pictures.
Thank you!
You're welcome!
The next one cannot come soon enough! These are great!
Thank you! #3 drops on Monday… (members can see it now, jus' sayin' ;-) )
Great content! New feature inspiration for YoloBox!!
Do you have a video on the best way to create a graphic similar to those used by the major network broadcasters. For example, have some logo like the CBS logo either in color or ghosted in the bottom corner? Thanks. Great Videos. 🙂
That's coming up soon!
You are sooo good. Great detailed explanation. THANKS!
thank you, I appreciate that!
Another great tip. Keep them coming..!
Thanks, and I will!
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