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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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Keeping your ATEM Up to Date!

Photo Moment - March 23, 2021

You've got your ATEM Mini, ATEM Mini Pro, ATEM Mini Pro ISO, or even one of the new ATEM Mini Extreme or ATEM Mini Extreme ISO switchers (phew, that's a lot!). But is it up-to-date? Do you have the latest software? Heck, have you even found the software? This video shows you how to download the latest software and install it on your ATEM hardware.

Need an ATEM Mini?

What this tip is about…

Did you know that your ATEM is constantly getting updated with new features? You'll want to keep this up-to-date to get the most from your hardware. And if this is the first time using it, none of the ATEM switchers actually come with the software — you have to download it! So where do you get the software?

Visit and click on the Support tab. Then in the “Search by model” search field, type in the model of your ATEM, such as “ATEM Mini Pro ISO” or “ATEM Mini Extreme”. Select the right model from the list, and that will load the right software farther down the page — but you might have to scroll paste the first series of thumbnails (yeah, it's a little confusing). Download the appropriate software for macOS or Windows, and run the installer.

This will install a folder called “Blackmagic ATEM Switchers” with a bunch of stuff, but most importantly, two apps. One is called “ATEM Software Control”, which is the app to control the switcher via software, and the other is the “ATEM Setup” which sets up basic settings like network access, but also runs the software updates. 

When you open “ATEM Setup”, you'll see two buttons. One of them (on the left) opens the setup window, and if there's an update available for your ATEM hardware, it will prompt you to install it. It won't force you to update though, which is great, if you don't have time right now. Allowing it to update is fast and painless; it will load the new software (firmware) onto your ATEM, and reboot it. In a few minutes you will be back up and running, with the latest features!

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Great video.
I updated my ATEM mini. I was supposed to see 2 small gears for sync. I only got DELAY, I didn’t stereo simulation on Mic- Input settings . And when I try to use the DELAY gear it doesn’t affect the sync issue.
What can do in this case?
you have to change the settings to split into stereo and the delay is only for the line inputs not the HDMI
Great video, as always! I have an issue which haunts me lately: my ATEM mini pro doesn't recognize the Ethernet connection. I try unplugging the modem, unplugging the atem mini pro, the ethernet cable, resetting the MacBook Pro, etc, but it still does not see the network. The Setup software doesn't see it either unless I connect using a USB-C cable, but I used to be able to connect the laptop to the Wifi and the ATEM mini Pro to the Ethernet only and both would see each other and the AMP would see the internet, YouTube, etc... This seems to happen every time I change locations of my live streaming, changing the internet connection (different location, modem, etc) and I never figure out how to fix this. Then the internet technician I hired fixes it somehow, but when I'm on my own, I can't get the AMP back to work at home... Any ideas? Should I try the factory reset procedure?
Yes, reset. Also try another Ethernet cable
in my atem mini, i get no ouput on hdmi out. can you tell me why ? because i have the output before. but suddenly it doesn't come out anymore. thank's
You can set the output from the HDMI menu in the app. Perhaps it’s set to an input you’re not using instead of the Program out.
Hi Joseph, thanks for your great info. I have a Neewer monitor that I bought for my ATEM Mini but can't get a signal from the Monitor Out HDMI - I have tried everything but wonder if it is compatible with the switcher (?) - if you have any thoughts, I'd appreciate your advice.
There are some monitors that just don’t work for some reason. Many were addressed in an update a while ago though … can I assume since you’re commenting on the “how to update” video that you’ve updated?
wow, this helped a lot! I always though the ATEM Software control would auto update in the background! thanks a lot!
why my atem mini no hdmi output? just blank screen. already updated the firmware. thanks.
Try a different monitor
I am trying to connect my ATEM to the network. When I click on "Connection" in the ATEM software control it shows the ATEM Mini on the network but won't connect. I read that is because the firmware on the device is different than the latest version 8.6.4 The version on the ATEM Setup is 8.6 however I can't seem find anything newer than 8.6 for the firmware. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the software. As far as connections. I have both my iMac and the ATEM connected to an unmanaged 8 port netgear switch. I feel like i have tried everything. I want to be use a stream deck and start using macros but I know I have to overcome this hurdle first.
Here’s a video on how to update — start there to make sure you are fully up to date — also, FYI if you join the channel as a member you will have access to a private Discord server which could be a good place to ask questions, and of course you’ll be helping support the channel! Details at
Quite confusing... I downloaded version 8.6.4 followed the steps from the video and setup screen tells me that I have Software version 8.6.1. My first thought was that I might use an older version already installed on the computer, or that something went wrong with the update. However opening the Help -> About ATEM Setup a window pops up telling me that I indeed use version 8.6.4. So I'll guess that the version that is shown by the Help Screen is het Software Version and that the version shown selecting the ATEM image is the firmware version and that those version are not always necessary in sync.
Odd, but if you’re seeing 8.6.4 then I think you’re good!
@Alex I believe that is just an updated software for the ATEM MAC switcher interface, and that the firmware for the ATEM hardware is still 8.6.1 because that is what I am running and it does not offer any update (even though I did instal the latest version as well).
@AB that is correct. As long as the software is at the latest version, you’re good. Remember that the software is the same app for about a dozen ATEM models. Not all models get updates with every app update.
I've updated my ATEM Mini Pro ISO. I can open my video in Youtube WEBCAM and FB but I can not schedule or STREAM live now in Youtube. Any ideas? I have tried and tried with the stream keys, copy and pasted but the ATEM can not be seen by youtube STREAM.
Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable, and power cycle the ATEM.
Thanks for the video
The mixer? Do you mean the ATEM? Interesting… what issues are you having? It should be plug-and-play, but if not, then it's definitely worth making a video on that.
@PhotoJoseph my unit isn’t working. I purchased used and this was not disclosed. I was frustrated because I just new there had to be an extra step. I had the atem television pro hd but it wasn’t your fault. Thanks for the video.
@Jon Bennett I hope you can get your money back!!
Thanks for this. Currently having major issues with hdmi output to a preview monitor not working. Will only work on camera 1 direct output but even then its a bad feed. Have you come across this issue? Hoping the new update will fix it. I've read that there may have been a bad update a while back that caused it.
Hey Tom, having the same issue here... were you able to fix it?
@Tyra Greer swapped out some hdmi cables and installed the latest updates and it sorted it out. Not had an issue since and I stream with it weekly
Man! I hope this helps mine extreme iso I just got today. The video gets all like, laggy and slow at points. Camlink 4K has NEVER done that to me.
Hm, what you’re reporting can’t, in any way that I can imagine, be the responsibility of the switcher. Perhaps you’re trying to send too much data to wherever you’re streaming? Consider lowering your bitrate to see what happens.
@PhotoJoseph I updated it when I got off work. I was at work when I wrote that, I just didn’t get enough time to mess with it. Works perfect now 👍
@Lee Bird awesome!
Hi I'm still running 8.5.3 I think, can I update straight to the latest software or do I have to update in order??
Just run the latest and you’ll get it all
@PhotoJoseph thanks fella 👍🏻👍🏻
Is it possible to fade a graphic in over a live program (person talking) so his name appears...then fade it out? I can't get it to do anything but pop in...then pop out! Please talk a little slower in your videos; trying to follow you step-by-step is almost impossible. All you guys selling on YouTube must have been used-car salesmen before. LOL
To transition in a DSK, use the AUTO button under the DSK column in the interface.
One thing to put on your to-do list, if possible The Hyperdeck Studio Mini IP fail every time you boot the ATEM app. The one where you have to go into Settings-HyperDeck and enter a different IP address, connect, and then enter the correct one to attach the HyperDrive. I tried a macro to no avail. Thanks.
That’s interesting; I haven’t experienced that. Granted I connect primarily to my ATEM 2 M/E, which almost never reboots. But when it does I haven’t see that. Do you have fixed IPs set on your hyperdecks and ATEM, or are they grabbing new ones at will?
@PhotoJoseph Fixed IP. I close down all my gear at night (startup state us saved with Hyperdeck's IP). At the next startup, the Mini isn't recognised. I have to go into the settings, enter a different (junk) IP and then immediately enter the correct one. Green lights, connection achieved. This has been documented elsewhere but if you don't shut down your ATEM then it isn't a problem.
Interesting. In that case, my solution is… don't shut it down ;-) These products don't have a power switch because they are actually mean to be running 24/7. As with all electronics, the will last longer if they aren't heating up and cooling down (expanding and shrinking) repeatedly. To be honest I don't know what the power draw is, so perhaps that's a concern, but overall I'd just leave it running all the time.
@PhotoJoseph Given the Extreme's bigger draw I'll take your advice. BMD will probably squash the bug at some point. Cheers!
Fingers crossed!
Solid tip. I use the support centre regularly and still trip over finding the right update.
They don’t make it easy, do they
Suggestion for a future tip (at least I would be interested) - I'm looking at getting a Behringer mixer similar to your XR18, but mine's the XR12 baby version. I'd love your take on how you would send an audio mix from say four speakers with wireless lavs on a live stream, feeding into the Behringer XLR inputs, and then fed out to the Atem (mini pro in my case). Thanks.
Hm, I think that gets too far out of the ATEM range for this series. Ultimately as far as the ATEM is concerned, it doesn't matter what mixer you're using. If I start doing tips on external mixers, at least as part of this series, then there's no end to what should be covered and it strays too far from the objective here. That said, a generic tip on mixing audio externally (mixer-agnostic) could be in order. I'll put this in my notes and think about it. Thanks!
Thank you. I have the whole suite of infinity and haven’t use infinity photo yet. This tutorial is making start using infinity photo to create this.
Y O U ‘ R E W E L C O M E
@PhotoJoseph just got my Extreme ISO today, hence appreciate your time and effort, thanks again.
Glad you're enjoying!
Thanks mate CHEERS
dve media player vertical transition! (don't know how it works)
Check out the live show I just did at 11:05 you'll see a DVE effect (this one is with a circle) — is that what you mean?
On the right track!
hi Joseph, here is the text you've asked me for: //// The plugin in the folder: Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/Switchers/CS5 needs to get copied to Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2019/Plugins/. Reopen Photoshop and File>Export>ATEM Switcher Media Pool should work! //// the forumpage where I found it is: //// I made it, and now it works :-)
Thank you!
Thanks for this "Tips" series. Hugely helpful.
Glad you're enjoying!
Really loving these tips! Do you if it's possible to receive timecode into the ATEM? ie so acts as a slave?
No. There's no external TC input, and the ATEM does generate time of day timecode for its own use. I'm pretty sure if you're using a Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera, the ATEM sends timecode to it so all four cameras are in sync for BRAW internal recording, but that's it. Larger ATEMs, like my 2 M/E, do have a dedicated TC input, however.
Hi Joseph, thank’s for all your videos, it’s great. I’ve just receive my Atem mini extrême iso and my question is how to desactivate That the preview selection follow The programme selection when your are switching on the Atem panel ? Damien from France
I think this is what you're looking for… (oops sorry don't know why the link was missing earlier)
@Damien Russeil : serait ce possible de se parler ? j'aimerais en savoir plus sur ATEM ? quelle version as tu ?
could you explain the difference of the streaming- and recording quatlity in the settings. What Codec, resulution, filesize, appearance on screen during streaming and from HD-recorded files ?
Interesting… good question to address. Added to the list.
may be not everybody knows, how to set the brightnes of the ATEM device buttons.....
Ooh, I don't know that that's worth a whole video…
how could I show up more htan only one ATEM an my Mac?
you've got all the questions today ;-) You can't without reconnecting between ATEMs, however you can control multiple devices using Companion. I discussed that in this video — the video isn't exactly about what you're asking, but all the info is there. I have already added to my list a more basic overview of this process, to address your specific question.
i use adone photoshop elements. the ATEM plugin didn't work (it was not installed properly. thanks to a forum I have found, where to find it on my disk and where to copy it, so that it works now. I think, this could be also interesting for all af your viewers. the folders and files are easy to place at the right place.
That's great to know. Could you point me to the article?
can you explain the audio effects in the fairlight mixer and give some examples of average settings?
It's on the list already!
can you pls explain, how to enhance the streaming services on the ATEM mini xml file, so that there are more services available than in the standard xml file
I did that here:
Thanks for the vid!!!
You bet!
is there a way to delay the hdmi input 3 frames, so it matches with the wireless Mars 400S ?
for now I use 2 Atems one for wired cameas and the 2nd is for wireless cameras. the 2nd Atem is the "master" that streams the synchronized signal.
no, you can't delay video, only audio on the MIC inputs. Sorry!
how about a video on how to control 2 ATEM minis from the same computer. The only video I have found shows running a copy of the ATEM software in a virtual machine/sandbox for isolation between the 2. Is that they only way to have 2 separate windows for the 2 ATEMs.

I have found that you can switch the single window back and forth to select the ATEM that you want to control, but that can be slow to do.
That's a great topic. I pseudo-discussed that in this video on tethering two ATEM Minis and while everything you need to know is in there, it's not specifically about controlling two separately. I'll add this to the list, but it'll be farther down since I've shown how to do this before, just not presented in the fashion. Thanks!
@PhotoJoseph I will go back and watch this video. I may have watched it previously and not thought about possibly needing to do it. I found I wanted to do this when I got my ATEM Extreme ISO and wanted to compare the set up (install the new ATEM like the older ATEM).
A couple of points.

If you have a previous version installed on Windows you have to uninstall it before the new version will install. Do this from the Control Panel. You are also told to reboot although I've found the new installation to work ok without doing this.

And, If you have a version earlier than 8.6 installed (as I had for my ATEM Mini Pro) it can see an ATEM Mini Extreme on the network but can't actually control it. This caught me out because I'd upgraded on one PC but not another.
Those are great points, thanks! I don't have the Extreme so hadn't experienced that, but that makes sense. Curious about having to uninstall first on windows though — thanks for the heads-up!
After installing on Windows, does that ATEM reboot with the previous settings, or do you lose that info?
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Mini Extreme is ON THE Waay!!!! Whoo hoo!!
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