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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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Choosing Which ATEM Macro is Triggered by the ATEM Mini Extreme Macro Buttons

Photo Moment - May 22, 2021

The ATEM Mini Extreme and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO have six macro buttons!! Amazing!! But… what if you have more than six macros? How do you choose which ones get triggered by those buttons?

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What this tip is about…

Both the ATEM Mini Extreme and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO have six hardware macro buttons on them, which is fantastic! Finally, you can trigger a macro from a physical button on your ATEM. But which ones do they trigger?

Well that part is easy… they trigger the first six macros in your collection. But what if you want to move a macro from, say, position seven into position one so that you can trigger it from the hardware? To do that, you need to edit the XML file.

It's not that scary, I promise. In this video, I'll show you how. Time to roll up your sleeves, download BBEdit (or just use any text editor, but BBEdit makes it easier), and pretend you know how to code!!

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Did you know know this is how you have to move the buttons around? I hope this tip is helpful, and if you want to see more, be sure to subscribe!
I have made 2 macros that can both be triggered by a StreamDeck. I need one to continuously loop, and I need the other to play once only. Is there a way to set this in macro itself (turn and turn off the loop)? I have to manually go in and turn the loop on and off, which really defeats the purchase of the streamdeck. Any thoughts?
Hmm, have you tried recording a macro of toggling loop? And are you using Companion as well? If not, how are you triggering the Macros on the Stream Deck?
Yes tried to create a macro turning loop on and off, but it does not record the action.
I’m using Companion
Have you seen any way of selected which angles to iso record. I’m often in scenarios where I have 4 inputs but only wish to record one and master to save on disk space and processing usage.
No, it always records all angles. It has to do with the generated Resolve file. Without the angles recorded it’d have nothing to connect to. However the empty angles are recorded as black and take very very little disk space.
Is it possible to run macros on ATEM extreme without a PC? I mean after they've been created previously via the software. Just don't want to be dependent on a PC during a show.
Wow that’s a really good question. I can’t test it now, but I’m going to guess NO. I seriously doubt that those first six macros are stored in the ATEM’s memory. Would be very cool if they were though.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for your Reply Joseph!
Thanks for this video.
But in using Atem Mini Pro, is there a possible way to have a monitor for both Multiview and as well for program so as to monitor the videos coming in as well as what we are sending out since the device has only one hdmi output? Also, if the output is set to Multiview in a live broadcasting, how do you ensure that Multiview is not what is going out for the people (audience) to see?
Multiview includes the program (top right quarter of the view), so that’s how you know what is in Program. Multiview can ONLY be played over the HDMI output, so the live encoder and USB output can only ever show the Program.
@PhotoJoseph I mean a situation whereby you have monitors to feed the audience and the hdmi output is connected to the monitor at the workstation which is on Multiview, how do you send only the Program to the monitor that feeds the congregation or can the USB be converted to hdmi?
USB can't be converted to HDMI. You need the Extreme model, with dual HDMI ports.
May i ask PLEASE how does this work on a PC with notepad because your using a MAC
Any plain text editor will do. If you can find one that formats code like BBEdit, then it'll be easier to follow. Check this out
We got our new ATEM Mini Extreme for our Ethiopian FM radio Live show
Another great lil tip. Thank you
Nice... thanks!
Glad you liked it!
Another great tip!!! What is the process to get a paid subscription to support your great work. thanks
Thanks man, I appreciate that. You can join here on YouTube at or even better, join my site at — thanks!!
Joseph lives!
Haha yes… it’s been a busy four weeks!
Thanks man, this is pretty helpful. Keep up the good work.
Thank you!
Now I need to upgrade my Atem Mini Pro to Extreme only 😛
But thanks for sharing workarounds like this.
I wish it was easier to do, but this is the way!
Thank you sir. This is most useful.
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