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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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Custom Picture in Picture in the ATEM Mini

Photo Moment - April 01, 2021

Taking control and customizing your Picture in Picture, or PiP, on the ATEM Mini, ATEM Mini Pro, ATEM Mini Pro ISO, or ATEM Mini Extreme (wow this list is getting long!) is easy to do — but if you're not careful, all of your hard work can be wiped away in an instant! Learn how to customize — and protect — your custom Picture in Picture layouts.

Need an ATEM Mini?

What this tip is about…

Your ATEM Mini has a set of buttons called PICTURE IN PICTURE. When you enable it, a small box appears in the top right corner with another input in it. Press one of the four preset corner buttons next the on/off buttons, and the PiP (abbreviation for “Picture in Picture”) moves to that corner. Neat!

While useful in its own sense, the real power is in positioning, scaling, and cropping those PiP layouts wherever you want. The Picture in Picture is actually something called an “upstream key”, or a USK. That Upstream Key can be created four different ways — Luma, Chroma, Pattern, or DVE. I'll cover Luma and Chroma in other videos, as those are quite advanced, however the Pattern and DVE ones are simpler to use and are what are covered in this video.

The “DVE” option — or “Digital Video Effect” — is what the default Picture in Picture is made from. It is quite simply an “overlay” of another source being fed into the ATEM, which you can scale, crop, and position anywhere you want. Think of it like a layer in Photoshop, where you just put the top layer anywhere you like.

The problem with modifying the DVE effects is that if you accidentally press one of those four Picture in Picture preset buttons, not only will it move your DVE Upstream Key layout to that position, but there's no “undo” — no way to get back to where you were! (We'll solve that with a macro though; don't worry!)

The “Pattern” option is another way to build your Picture in Picture, using a shape like a circle, diamond, triangle, or even multiple squares and rectangles to “crop” or “mask” your Upstream Key! While some of these shapes are seemingly useless, they do allow you to easily do things like create a circle mask — quite a cool option. So, in this video I'll give you a tour of those.

Finally we get to the complicated job of saving these Upstream Key positions so we can recall them later. You guessed it — time for a macro! I'll remind you how to build a macro, and create one to save (and then restore) a circle Picture in Picture. It's pretty cool!

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Thank you for this video. So, after having created this macro, how do we activate it? It can not be triggered by those PiP knobs?
Sir I am from India
Why did the default suddenly have a frame ?
Is there a way to have the PiP fade in rather than just popping on screen?
Thank you Sir. I'm looking for animated graphic frames. Where can I find some? And how to use them?
Check out these apps by John from the here2record channel
@PhotoJoseph Awesome! Thank you!
Excellent - all works perfect as described. However when I switch to the other camera and then return the PIP is off - ie I want it to stay on when I return to Cam 1.... this is my PPT with PIP presenter.... I have to press the PIP button to manually show them again....
You can set in the setup app to drop or not drop the upstream key (PiP) when you switch angles. But if you want to switch between “CAM A + PiP” and “CAM B (no PiP)” then back to “CAM A + PiP” you’ll need to build macros to do that.
Do you know if you can set a custom overlay boarder on your picture in picture?
You can set a border and you can change size and color and bevel
My PIP is transparent? How do I make it opaque so the full screen doesn't bleed through the PIP?
Thanks for your hard work!
My pleasure!
you freaking rock!!
Can you do 2 PIP overlays at once from 2 additional sources (3 total) with the ATEM? Or would you have to cascade 2 ATEM minis to achieve that? I am trying to setup a live stream for a race car and ideally I'd get one front view, a PIP rear view and a PIP view of the gauges. Maybe the Yololiv + an ATEM mini (you can set an ATEM up and then deploy it without a computer connected I assume?) will allow this since I need a way to stream out from the race car anyway which the Yololive will do. Alternatively I might do two ATEM minis with a Teradek if I really wanted to add some network redundancy.
You’ll need an ATEM Mini Extreme for that!
Well done Joseph! Thank you! OK, I am an audio guru but I am a video caveman. I may use the wrong terms in my question. My "burning question" is if it is possible to get a keyed/filled greenscreen in the PIP. Mine just shows me with the green screen and no fill. That is a no-go. Thasks in advance!
Totally, but you have to use the software to set it up. Put the PiP (which is an upstream key) into chroma key mode. It’s in, I believe DVE mode by default.
@PhotoJoseph OK thanks! Now I just need to figure out how to put the PiP (which is an upstream key) into chroma key mode! I warned you I was a noob! I will google it.
How would I create a border between the two videos (the fill and the selected camera)? I want to see a line separating the two, not a box around the fill. Any tips would be appreciated!
It would have to be a graphic you create and import, unlike a border which can be generated in the software.
@PhotoJoseph That's what I was thinking. Thank you for responding and for your helpful videos!
@Randy Robinson Films my pleasure. FYI if you join the channel as a member you will have access to a private Discord server which could be a good place to ask questions, and of course you’ll be helping support the channel! Details at
No coś mi się nie udaje
Your videos are great! Thanks for sharing all the info!
Watched all of you ATEM "Mini" Tips and the Pro 4HR videos are next! Great content and thank you!

Any references covered in your videos of setting up a "Cast" feed under program, as well as how to use video in PiP? Currently my ATEM Control (for ATEM Mini) only seems to allow still uploads?
That was SO helpful!! I have found that there are odd times when the output of my ATEM Mini Pro is both the audio and video are garbled (digital sounding and pixilated). Any idea what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it?
Eres un genio, muchas gracias por este gran video!! Sigue así. Un saludo desde Argentina 👌🏻😎
Great video...def suscribed to your channel. This ATEM stuff has a super steep learning curve. Now my question...made the macro for how do i pull the up into the preview...or can PIPs not be previewed before going live?
Anything can be previewed. A macro just follows steps. So, forget Macros until you know how to make it do what you want. Use TIE instead of ON AIR to send a USK to Preview, which will “tie” it to the next transition.
@PhotoJoseph Yeah…I figured it out. I just hadn’t made it so the macro recording was pulling the respective steps Into the preview. It’s cool what you can do with macros, but it’s super clunky. I echo the sentiment of other folks, though…it’s a travesty that they didn’t put macro buttons on the pro or pro ISO. Thanks for being a sage in the Atem space.
Can I re-program all 4 hardware PiP buttons? Like put macro under each of them to have 4 macros hidden there instead of unusefull 4 corner positions?
Is there a way to add these Macros into a Stream Deck? Once they are in a stream deck, can they be deleted from the ATEM Macros?
You can trigger a macro from a stream deck using Companion but you can’t delete the macro from the ATEM
Is there anyway I can set PIP to always show be default when I hit buttons 2, 3, and 4, but off when I hit button number 1 as this is my main shot on me anyway...
Unfortunately none of these PiP buttons are programmable. In fact the only buttons that can be “programmed” are the Macro buttons on the ATEM Extreme.
@PhotoJoseph THANK YOU!!!
Is there a OBS plugin to manage PIP in OBS? Also remap ATEM scene buttons to OBS scene should be great!
I’m not an OBS user so don’t know, sorry
Thanks so much !!! But how to make a smooth appearance and disappearance of a picture in a picture? Macros? Transition? How? Thanks!
Yes, macros are your friend here. I have several videos on macros.
is this a good technique to switch between two camera inputs for the PiP as well? I want to record a powerpoint presentation as a class and have each presenter in the PiP. I wish you could program the buttons on the atem itself to do this.
You’ll want to build macros to do that easily. Look at my other videos on making macros and swapping out the PiP content with different people.
How do you get your source windows to have the rounded corners?
I think you’re referring to the overlay I did in editing. It’s hard to show these features and not be confused by what’s “live” and what’s in post. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.
@PhotoJoseph oh ok! Yeah I was hoping it was a mask effect you could apply on the spot.
Until now, I’ve been using OBS with a foreground image with a mask cut out. I could hide the video behind it and the “P in P window in front.
Although I love the Atem for its source connections, I’m disappointed in its lack of those kind of features. And ones like playing video in the media manger.
Anyway, thanks for the response. Much appreciated.
Is it possible (at all) to change the function of the 4 (UL, UR, LL, or LR) default hardware PIP keys. For example, I'd like to NOT change the location of the UL key .. but I'd like the picture to be bigger. Or .. is that only accomplished by a macro?
Only by a macro. Those buttons are not reprogrammable. I wish they were!
Amazing! I had watched someone's review of the Yolo and started to regret my Atem Mini Pro purchase because it has some of these features, but now I'm seeing its even more powerful than the Yolo after all.
There’s a lot of overlap between the two products but certainly each has its advantages and strengths over the other!
@PhotoJoseph One thing the Yolo doesnt have is a dedicated power user making amazing educational content on every tiny nuance! can't wait to see your video on why you have 5 bgh1's. I've got a GH5 and two GH4s so I think I have part of an idea lol.
is it possible to have more than 2 inputs on-screen on at once?
That’s called “SuperSource” and requires an Extreme model. Otherwise it’s just picture-in-picture.
Is it possible to scale into a PIP? If I have a wide shot, can I scale into the shot to make the subject larger?
Yes, there’s a scale adjustment that goes over 100%
Excellent video. Thank you so much for sharing your information.
Is this pip have to be on usk1?
Hi! Thanks for this, very helpful. Does anyone know whether it's possible to set one scene to always use picture in picture, and on no others? For example, if I used scene 1 it would always have pip on, but if I switch back to scene 2 it will not be?
You need to use macros for that. You can have the PiP always on as you switch main inputs, or turn off when you change inputs, but not have it come back on automatically. But with macros you can make anything happen! I’ve done a few videos on those if you aren’t familiar.
Thanks for the video
Hi Joseph, thank you very much for your great content. I have been practicing with Macros for a while now. In a few days I have a streaming event and I would like to know:
I need to create a PIP that appears during the event alternately. This means: on the same camera, activate and deactivate the PIP several times during the show.
The questions would be: 1) How do I "deactivate" the Macro? (PIP) 2) Would it be necessary to "call" the Macro every time I have to use the PIP, or would the first time be enough? Thanks in advance!
Thank you for the video and I, for one, would love to find out more about chroma keys where I can place a presenter (that is standing in front of a green screen) and put just their image over another camera angle (just like a meteorologist in front of a map). Could you help with this in a future video?
It's definitely on the list. Unfortunately (well, not for me, but for the channel!) it's a busy summer with two trips and a couple of commercial gigs in-between. I really want to shoot another one this week but I don't think I'll be able to, so it'll be September until I pick up the series again! Sorry :(
Thanks for your explanation. I managed to create my own Picture in Picture macros. I’m pleasantly surprised 😌
Thank you for this video! Once I've saved my settings into a macro, is there a way to replay that macro (and restore my custom PIP) if the ATEM Mini is not connected to a PC?
Hi, thanks for a great clear video. I would like to set up a camera background with a PowerPoint Slide in the PIP which I can easily expand out to the full screen. Thanks to your video I know how to set up the PIP of the PowerPoint slide in the bottom corner. What I now want to be able to do is to switch from the PIP to the PowerPoint slide full screen and then back again to it being in the PIP..
You’re actually already set up for it… just load that input! So if your camera is in input 1 and the PowerPoint slides are on input 2, just press the 2 key to load that full screen. You can choose in the setup app to have the PiP dropped when you change inputs, or it can hold. You’ll probably want it to drop. Load the input 1 again and re-enable PiP, and you’re back. Or you could write macros for the switch as well, saving a step. Watch my videos here on doing macros to learn how!
Thank you for covering this! Is there a way to change the default settings of the hardware DVE buttons? I am typically streaming solo, just setting/saving the default DVE would be ideal- at least for me.
There is not, unfortunately. There Extreme Mierlo has six programmable macro buttons but that’s it. — Choosing Which ATEM Macro is Triggered by the ATEM Mini Extreme Macro Buttons - ATEM Mini Tips 10
Great video. Thanks. Can the PIP fade in rather than a sharp cut?
Yes, you have to build it into the Preview first, then fade from Preview to Program
Hi Joseph. Quick question: I'm looking to use the Atem Mini for a fixed setup, with a large picture-in-picture in one corner. Will the Atem Mini remember my custom PIP settings after turning it off and on again?
If you have the original ATEM Mini, no, it won't. That one didn't have enough memory to save the settings. I'm pretty sure every model above that does, as long as you choose the "save startup state" menu in the ATEM Software Control app. And of course, don't hit any of those little positioning shortcuts, or it'll override your settings!
great video, clear and easy to understand 👍
Joseph, these videos are a huge help. The macro's in the ATEM aren't very intuitive, but your videos are very helpful in understanding them better. My struggle is I'd like to have a persistent greenscreen background for one camera, and when I switch to other cameras without that greenscreen, that the green screen returns on that one camera. The current way I'm writing the macro, there doesn't seem to be a way to always make this one camera with the croma-key always show me with the greenscreened background. It seems to be dependent on the previous state. Is there some way to force a particular state for the ATEM so that the cromakey'd image always appears over the greenscreened background image?
you would definitely need a Macro for that. You'd build a macro for, say, CAM 2 that loads all the pieces you need, and you'd have to trigger the macro with either the macro window or using a third party app.
Can you show us how to sync cameras to the edit? Especially if we aren't using Pocket Cameras.
are you talking about syncing the audio and video in live? No, you said in the edit… I'm don't follow. Are you asking about recording to a USB drive using the ISO model? Please elaborate, thanks.
@PhotoJoseph I have Sony cameras and want to record 4K on them internally and replace the HD edit from the Atem Mini Pro ISO. Similar to if I was shooting on Pocket Cameras. I’ve looked up ways of using timecode and such but I can’t work out a way. Any thoughts?
Ah I see. Timecode won't work unfortunately, because TC from the cameras is not read by the ATEM. However, as long as all cameras have mics on them, you should be able to easily do an audio sync. And worst cast, you're talking about one long take (the nature of a live event), so even if you have to sync four files by hand, it won't be hard.
Thanks Joseph... appreciated.
you're quite welcome!
Hi Photo Joseph, Thanks for your contents they were a great help to me as a beginner....I just got an Atem Extreme and I found out that this device tends to get hot....Is it normal? Is it advisable to use an external cooling fan along with the atem? If it is can you recommend a good cooling fan and in which vent of the atem Extreme should I put it on. Thanks
You do not need external cooling. It has its own fans, and yes the hardware gets hot — that's normal. Your car engine, your computer, your light bulbs get hot too — perfectly normal!
@PhotoJoseph Thank you very much for your reply.. :)
Why don't you give the Roland V-1HD + a try. Made in Japan and a great Switcher. All buttons, switches, knobes are usable, 8 memories, 4 layers etc. Super equipped for sound. 2 XLR etc. etc. 4 HDMI in and 2 HDMI out. Multiview and so.
Because for the same $1000 I can get 8 inputs, recording, and a built in encoder (ATEM Mini Extreme). The Roland just isn’t interesting.
Clearly, it is impossible to reconfigure the physical buttons of the PIP ... not good.
Correct. None of the buttons are configurable. Even on the new ATEM extreme, technically the macro buttons are not configurable. They just trigger the first six macros.
@PhotoJoseph OK. It's a shame, because there aren't a lot of buyers who own 8 BlackMagic Cameras. Blackmagic should release a firmware that would allow us to reconfigure all those unnecessary buttons ... (via an xml file). In the meantime, we'll still need the Elgato Stream Deck.
At this point I have to assume it’s not possible. We’ve been asking for this since the first ATEM Mini in 2019.
Yea, that's great and all, but how do we assign our setting to the hot keys on the unit itself? That, is the question!
You can’t. (The ATEM Mini Extreme is the only one with programmable dedicated macro keys)
Another excellent video, Joseph (I love your style!). Just to clarify: on the mini pro, the only way to execute the macro is to have the ATEM software panel open and to manually click the macro to execute the customized PIP, correct? I know the new Extremes have physical macro keys but have they made any of the Pro keys programmable? It's quite a bit to manage to select the macro while ensuring you're in "Pattern" in the Upstream and then turning it off and going into "DVE" to access the PIP buttons on the ATEM. Everything you've shown works perfectly, it's just the execution seems very cumbersome. Any thoughts? Thanks again.
You are correct on all counts. There are third party integrations though, like iOS apps or physical programmable buttons that can trigger macros, too.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Sorry to bug with one more, but do you know know if I can trigger ATEM Mini Pro Macros using the Stream Deck? That might resolve this issue, thanks again!
Stream Deck and Companion.
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