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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, now featured on the PhotoJoseph LIVE YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

How to Connect Computer, iOS device, more!

Photo Moment - April 18, 2021

You know you can connect a camera to your ATEM Mini… but what else can you easily connect? It turns out… a LOT! Learn how to connect and configure a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone, a Chromecast receiver, a wireless HDMI, an ATEM Streaming Bridge, and even a dedicated HDMI video player!

The hardware seen in this video…

Need an ATEM Mini?

What this tip is about…

When connecting a Mac or PC to your ATEM Mini, the screen should just show up. But if it doesn't, you may need to force the resolution to 1920x1080, and even force the frequency to 60Hz (or whatever is best for your region). You can run a computer in dual screen mode (ideal for Keynote or PowerPoint presentations) or in mirroring mode (ideal for video playback or software demos)! I'll also show you various options for connecting, including HDMI adapters and USB-C to HDMI cables.

You can also connect an iPad or iPhone using a USB-C to HDMI or Lightning to HDMI adapter, but when you do, the image won't be full screen. I'll talk about cropping out the empty space, and filling the screen with the image or placing it against your video background.

I'll show you the Mirascreen Chromecast and Airplay receiver, which makes it easy to share nearly any screen, including an Android phone or a single Chrome browser tab!

I'll connect a Hollyland Mars 300 Wireless HDMI receiver for including a remote camera across the room, and a Blackmagic ATEM Streaming Bridge for connecting a remote camera across the world!

And finally, I'll look at a tiny little HDMI video player, which is perfect for background video, looping interstitials, and so-on!

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UPDATE: Mac users; set the display color profile to SMPTE 431-2-2007 DCI (P3) for best color from the Mac screen on the ATEM! // This tip is a result of YOUR poll results! I hope you like it, and if you do be sure to subscribe!
Dunno if anyone gives a damn but if you are stoned like me during the covid times then you can watch pretty much all the latest movies on InstaFlixxer. Been watching with my brother recently :)
@Theodore Cash Yea, I've been using InstaFlixxer for since december myself :)
Very cool 😎
But I have a question sir?
Can I stream with the phone also directly into the atem and switch from a real camera to a phone camera ?
Yes; when the phone is connected as shown here, you should be able to open the camera and see it on the ATEM. However the camera’s UI will show up here, as it’s just screen mirroring, and there may be an additional delay. I think Filmic Pro added a clean UI feature to the app; worth looking into if you want to use it this way.
Really like your Mini series on the ATEM. If you've not done any detailed info yet, can you try to show your HDMI video player? I'd like to try to introduce that into my ATEM Mini for a Livestream intro.
There isn’t much to show. It’s cheap and shitty but it does the job.
I have an Atem Mini Pro Iso. There is only one USB C extension. If I connect this one to my laptop, is it possible to record from Atem this way (thru laptop)? And how?
You could use OBS to record, but that might interrupt whatever else you’re using the USB connection for. The Extreme models have two USB ports for this reason.
Great video!
Dude your channel is so legit. You make the most useful searchable videos. Every time I search for something ATEM related your channel pops up and your vids always help. Thank you!!
Awesome episode. Thanks
1) extremely helpful video, thank you!
2) I have one on the way to upgrade my YouTube livestreams
3) beard is on point man! Looks great
My goodness gracious! You Sir are Da Man!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your videos (this one is GREAT!)
I been having so much trouble with my Atem Mini Pro connecting to my MacBook Pro. 1. It doesn't automatically come up. 2. I downloaded the software and nothing happens. 3. I tried to change the resolution and it only gives one option. 4. The Gather Windows option doesn't work and scaled shows nothing at all. PLEASE HELP!!!
I have an Atem mini, but I can't project the output on an EPSON W32 +, do you have any idea why?

I already tried HDMI cables of different quality and it only flashes and nothing is seen, in all televisions yes
So I have an HDMI cord coming out of both my Mac Book Pro & HP Laptops for video, my question is how do I get the audio along with it to play through Zoom?
Set the audio output in your computer to play out the HDMI port. Once a device is connected, it should show up there as an option.
Can i connect canon 5D mark iii & use it with vmix
Hi Joseph, if you play a 16:9 video on the iPad, would it then display the 16:9 video with no black bars?
Great video. Thank you.
Waiting for my Mini Extreme to do a full day webinar for a client.
1: I will have a hard drive connected for a recorded backup - does the hard drive NEED to be an SSD?
2: Is it necessary for me to use the Ethernet connection with the ATEM if I’m going to connect to a computer anyway? I will be using ZOOM for the webinar.

THank you.
What would I need to display iso view on television?
Thanks for that video!
Thanks for watching!
Thanks for that video! 🙏
Ordered that external media player to try to get a looping animated background 😊
great! It's simple but it works!
SOS. Thanks for the tutorial. I can't broadcast live using my cell's internet. I can't broadcast my friends' soccer games. Please I need your help, what should I do? I have an ATEM Mini Extreme Pro. Thank you
I can’t help you without details, man. Does your phone have a tethering plan on it? It could be as simple as that.
Wow!!! Awesome information!!!
Bundle the interfaces w/ cabling,
and shoot us a price! I'm really motivated, after watching your presentation! Thank you so much!!!
Just noticed, some are having problems getting their computers to find the ATEM, during the initial setup process., What are the specs needed, for them to both "see" each other? Briefly...what are the main differences between the different models of the ATEM MINI? Not to buy "overkill" equipment, just a decent (well capable) setup, that gets the job done, "nicely"...without hiccups., Thank you for your time, and great expertise of knowledge!
Great video! Love that we can use so many more devices w/ the atem mini extreme.
I know is is backwards but can I connect a webcam to the hdmi input on the atem.
AGPtEK Mini 1080P Full HD Digital Media Player, worked great on ATEM Mini Pro, but distorted audio over HDMI on ATEM Mini Pro Extreme.
Has anyone else had audio issues with the player on the Extreme?
Thanks for the videos.
Amazing! you make everything look and sound very easy and simple for a dummy like me. Now I need to practice what I have learned from this video. Thanks.
Haha thanks!
What about the audio? what kind of mic are you using? how did you connected to the ATEM? any delay?
Audio can be routed though a camera or into the 3.5mm inputs. Audio is real-time; video is delayed. That’s why it’s easier to route audio through the camera to keep everything in sync. Or you can program the appropriate delay in the ATEM audio inputs. Watch this older video to learn how: ATEM Mini / Pro Update for Audio Sync Delay!
@PhotoJoseph Thank you for answering my question, I have lavalier microphone connected to the camera but Im recording on my computer with Rolan VRCapture and the audio has a delay, also if I don't hit the record bottom on the camera the audio is not recorded on the computer, I try to make it faster and simplify by recording straight to the computer, the other option that I'm considering is to put a mic straight to the computer and see if it works, what mic do you recommend to connect straight to the computer with a USB if you don't mind me asking you ?
my bad yes the video is delayed.
I don't have a USB mic recommendation but I wouldn't try using a USB mic with the ATEM. The routing will not be together and you could experience drift.
This has been great BUT I want this problem solved.

I want to be able to use my iPad wirelessly connected to my Atem Mini Pro through Airplay since I teach classes using my iPad and I would love to be untethered.

So if you have solved that.....then great!!!!! Tell me how to do it.
I did show that… I literally showed you a wireless Chromecast + AirPlay receiver, and even connected the Mac to it.
@PhotoJoseph Yes, thanks. I realised after. Your videos are usually helpful. I will show you my workflow sometime.
Awesome tutorial 👍
Thank you very much!
Do you know if there is a way to use an iPad as a monitor for the ATEM?
Not really. I did see someone routed a DJI Raveneye through to an iPad, but that isn't exactly normal or economical for just monitoring.
What about audio from the hdmi devices, do all send audio?
They all CAN send audio; it just depends if you want to use that audio or not. Ever HDMI input has audio support, and you can turn on whichever audio inputs you want.
Million thanks! Straight to the point and above all you bring the lab studio to us. I love these series! 👍👌
Thank you!
Hello! Thanks for the great video! I have a question: I have several live streamings for weddings in May. I'm considering buying the Atem Mini Extreme and two Mars 400s Pro, in a 3-camera setup, the third being the wide angle on a tripod. Is this a good setup for weddings? Thanks in advance!
Sure, just keep in mind that the Mars cameras will be delayed from realtime, so they are best used for wide shots and rear shots where you can't see that they are not in sync with any dialog.
@PhotoJoseph Oh, ok! Thanks a lot sir!
Good luck!
What I would have love to have seen is the iPhone in widescreen mode connected to ATEM. Great video. 👍🏾
Just rotate the phone!
Awesome video... thanks! Subscribed! One question: I’ve heard the the HDMI plugs can fail over time from plugging / unplugging inputs (weakening the connection of the port to the ATEM motherboard). So I’m looking for something like a backplane or even pigtail hdmi plugs that could be plugged into the ATEM once and from then on, you just plug into the ‘pigtails’ but I haven’t been able to find anything like this. Ideas?
I've never heard of that happening, and I hear from a LOT of ATEM users. But, that doesn't mean it can't happen. I'd say this — HDMI is designed to be plugged and unplugged many man times. If ports are falling apart, it's probably user abuse more than product failure. That said, to answer your question, I use these L-brackets for various uses, and this would do what you want:
I have a Mac 27 and Atem Mini Pro, Is there any way to connect a Logiteck 4K usb camera to my Atem Mini Pro?
nope, sorry. HDMI cameras only.
Love these vids, thanks mate
Thank you for watching!
@14:14 when you show that chart, i've noticed that 4K resolution isn't there. Does that mean that the ATEM cannot downscale from 4K to 1080p? Reason for asking is that my only current camera that has clean HDMI (but isn't my iPhone) is being used as my webcam on the ATEM mini. I often have to change the settings to 1080p but i want to record in 4K when I take it off the "webcam mode" and bring it out with me (but often forget to change it to 4K).
That is correct. You can not scale down a 4K input. Some cameras (like the LUMIX cameras) will record 4K but output 1080p, which is very handy for situations like this.
Thank you :-)
Super helpful. I’d love to see what you did in the macros for cropping and scaling the iPad and iPhone.
It's just crop and scale… do you think that's worth a unique tip?
@PhotoJoseph I think it would be. I'd be keen at least!
I love this!
Thank you!
More of this contents for newbies like me @photojoseph but I still watch your live vids
I'm trying to balance between newbies and oldies… lots of viewers to satisfy ;-)
Impressive! Learned a lot but more info at one session then my feeble brains can retain. I’ll Definitely have to watch a few more times.
haha I'll take those views, thanks! ;-)
Fantastic tips, many thanks
and many you're welcomes, Jeremy! ;-)
Hi @PhotoJoseph.....How can I connect a USB webcam as an input to Atem Mini Extreme?
I have 1 camcorder and planning to use my webcam as 2nd camera soure
You can’t. I’ve only ever seen one USB-video to HDMI-video adapter, and it was a handmade hack out of China. It’s not worth trying. The ATEM is an HDMI video switcher, not a USB webcam switcher.
@PhotoJoseph Yes I saw that too I think the guy's name is Febon... thanks again for your quick response.... more power & Gobless
I devised a useful workaround to use my HD USB webcam as an additional camera source with my ATEM mini pro. If you have dual video outputs on your desktop PC set up two screen output and connect your second screen output to the ATEM via Hdmi. Connect your webcam to the computer via USB. Load up VLC (or similar software) and set it to capture the webcam in 16x9. Then slide the image onto your second screen and make it full screen. It will then appear as a source into your ATEM. I use this setup regularly to provide a Cam 2 on my Zoom calls and it works perfectly.
I was having issues connecting my MacBook to the atem mini, it would connect but then flash and freeze up. I was using a hdmi dongle to usb-c but it’s one of those multi-use dongles. Could that be the issue?
If it's a cheap third-party dongle, then almost certainly yes, that's the problem. Try either the cable I recommended or the Apple or Belkin USB-C to HDMI adapter (links in description to all of them).
@PhotoJoseph yeah just used another adapter and it works great so just a bad dongle. Thanks!
This is exactly what I needed
Glad to hear that, Trevor!
Nice overview!
Thanks Thomas!
Thanks! What is the name/type of videoplayer you use?
Are you asking about the little blue box? It's listed in the description: AGPTEK HDMI video player (little blue player box)
Hola JP!! Necesito una respuesta URGENTE!! Tengo un Atem Mini Pro y necesito hacer un Livestream. Utilizo como cámaras la Sony A7iii y Lumix G7 pero mis cable micro HDMI a HDMI son de 5 metros de distancia (no consigo más largos). El problema es que debo estar a 15 metros de distancia para no interrumpir pero no sé que cables debo usar. ¿Podrías ayudarme, necesito un consejo?
You don't need special cables — just longer ones. Wherever you can order from fastest, you'll need to simply buy longer cables!
Hey man! Great video! I do have a question though. So i have the mini extreme too.. but hdmi out from our iMac into the switcher sends HORRIBLE color.. i contacted BMD and they said the switcher receives YUV color profile not RGB color profile

Any issues you’ve had with this?
Oh crap I should have included that in this!! Argh, I knew I forgot something. OK, in the Display settings, on the Display that's the BMD, set the color profile to SMPTE 431-2-2007 DCI (P3). That'll fix the color. Arghghg!! Now I'm mad at myself.
@PhotoJoseph THANK U!!! the gear is at church so I’ll have to wait until Wednesday but thank u for the quick reply!!! Hopefully it works on ours too!!

Just subscribed! Thanks for the info again!!
Sure thing. I’m going to have to release an update video. At least this one will truly be a “mini” tip!
@PhotoJoseph I’m definitely impressed with your response time haha thank you again!!
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