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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, from the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

How to Connect Computer, iOS device, more!

Photo Moment - April 18, 2021

You know you can connect a camera to your ATEM Mini… but what else can you easily connect? It turns out… a LOT! Learn how to connect and configure a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone, a Chromecast receiver, a wireless HDMI, an ATEM Streaming Bridge, and even a dedicated HDMI video player!

The hardware seen in this video…

Need an ATEM Mini?

What this tip is about…

When connecting a Mac or PC to your ATEM Mini, the screen should just show up. But if it doesn't, you may need to force the resolution to 1920x1080, and even force the frequency to 60Hz (or whatever is best for your region). You can run a computer in dual screen mode (ideal for Keynote or PowerPoint presentations) or in mirroring mode (ideal for video playback or software demos)! I'll also show you various options for connecting, including HDMI adapters and USB-C to HDMI cables.

You can also connect an iPad or iPhone using a USB-C to HDMI or Lightning to HDMI adapter, but when you do, the image won't be full screen. I'll talk about cropping out the empty space, and filling the screen with the image or placing it against your video background.

I'll show you the Mirascreen Chromecast and Airplay receiver, which makes it easy to share nearly any screen, including an Android phone or a single Chrome browser tab!

I'll connect a Hollyland Mars 300 Wireless HDMI receiver for including a remote camera across the room, and a Blackmagic ATEM Streaming Bridge for connecting a remote camera across the world!

And finally, I'll look at a tiny little HDMI video player, which is perfect for background video, looping interstitials, and so-on!

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UPDATE: Mac users; set the display color profile to SMPTE 431-2-2007 DCI (P3) for best color from the Mac screen on the ATEM! // This tip is a result of YOUR poll results! I hope you like it, and if you do be sure to subscribe!
Will this process work with an ATEM mini, and ATEM Pro?
how do you connect a 1080P USB webcam to the ATEM Mini?
You can’t, at least not without adding hardware more expensive than a real camera!
Very nice overview and informative video. You are really fast...!

I've been using similar setup for a customer last year with a ATEM Extreme ISO 4 BMDs, 2 iPads, 2 Computers hooked up, but also a Samsung Flip2 in Background, which I managed to use a second ATEM Mini Pro ISO for choosing the content to be visible in the background on the Flip, for explaining stuff on screen as a presenter.

Some questions:

1. What is the longest cable you find to work for connecting an iPad to the ATEM inputs? In Meters..

2. Have you tried/managed to send a live feed from iPad, iPhone to the MiraScreen too?

3. How many concurrent WIFI connected MiraScreen with iPads or phones as mobile cameras do you think will work flawlessly?
Thinking of a cheap solutions for schools to utilize existing iPads as cameras for studio setup and beware from cables hindering creativity.

Looking forward to your comments here.

Keep going.
Great video, were there any issues connecting the mirascreen wireless receiver? I have been trying to connect a windows wireless display adaptor but the mini does not show the display.
You go way too fast.
YouTube has a slow play function for situations like this.
Hi, I was checking in the MiraScreen and I found many options. Could you share the exact brand/model you are using ? Thanks.
There’s a link in the description. If it’s not available anymore then just try any one that supports what you want (i.e. Airplay)
Great video thanks! If I connect a laptop through the Atem via hdmi and play a video will the audio come through too?
Yep! You’ll see HDMI as an audio option on the computer.
@PhotoJoseph cheers thanks for that. I had a little play around and found where to do it from.. thanks bud for replying 👍
Excellent work! Love these ATEM videos! This has been by far the most useful series on YouTube. I would love to see a series of videos using the ATEM & the Hyperdeck mini for: video play back in PiP, motion graphics, executing 2 of these at a time & preferably a set up to execute these via Stream Deck if possible.There are currently no videos addressing these issues.
I will add this to the list!
Joseph, where can I find the macros for the IPad? To fill in the black space?
You mean to zoom in? You have to make your own. Just scale the shot and create a macro. If you’ve never made one, search youtube for “PhotoJoseph ATEM macros”. I have several videos on it.
@PhotoJoseph thank you and great work. I'm going to follow you and perhaps join your group.
You're an excellent trainer! Thanks so much for this video; very helpful! Sub'd :)
Can you do a video on how you can have your laptop connected and still be able to record all the feeds and the program on the ISO ATEM
You mean laptop connected over USB? You can’t unless you have an Extreme model with dual USB. You’re a channel member (thank you!) so join the private discord (instructions in benefits description) and raise the topic. Lots of solutions, depending on what you’re doing.
Can you run a HDMI out from the atem mini to a MacBook Pro and have that as a monitor
Not without an HDMI to USB converter. The HDMI port on any computer is output, not input.
@PhotoJoseph Which converter do you recommend
@Trace Miller no specific one. There’s a ton on Amazon now.
Any tips on connecting a few usb webcams to the atem mini? What adapters to use
Sorry, no such thing. If USB cameras are your jam, watch this
How do you do a macro for crop the black bars. The macro can be turn on and off when you want? I mean, imagine i want to cut the screen in the middle, on the left i want the image from the CAM1 (prepared to only take the center of the image) and on the right i want an image from cam2, which is a computer. Is it possible to set that in some moments, and in others go back to normal ? I have an atem mini pro.
I have several videos on making macros. Search YouTube for “PhotoJoseph ATEM macros”.
Thanks for your video! and excuse my bad English... I'm French . I have understand all about your différent device connection, but on my iPhone (11 Pro )I can't see the similar setting to your iPad settings !
“display& brightness “ title exist, but I have no settings like you for set “allow display mode“. everything gone right when I plugged the hdmi wire direct on my Asus screen, but the fps settings must be wrong for the Atem tv studio hd. an idea to fix that please? thank you
Those settings are iPad only. The output from iPad and iPhone is always 1080p59.94 so for it to work on the ATEM TV Studio, you’d have to have it set to that resolution and frequency. Only the ATEM Mini line has built-in scalers.
tip for ipad: shifscreen is awesome and let you use fullscreen monitor
What does it do that macOS extended desktop does not?
Hey Joe, I have 4 Logic pro webcams. can I connect them to the ATEM?
Do you mean Logitech? If it’s a USB webcam, then no. If it has HDMI out, then sure. Has to be HDMI.
Awesome Job Dude. Love your videos
Thank you for this video @PhotoJoseph. Is there a difference which input to use for connecting laptop? I heard that some inputs operate in YUV vs RGB. What are tour thoughts on this?
I have never heard that. afaik The only difference between inputs is that input 1 has a lower latency mode designed for gaming
I set up a Mac Mini (one just before the M1) in an ATEM Mini Pro Iso setup. We went through a Seetec Quad monitor and was trying to feed the video from the computer through the Seetec to the ATEM.. Copyright protection stoped us and we had to spend $360 on a Decimator to get the Copyright protection off of it due to having the one extra stop through the screen . We are using the ATEM Mini Pro Iso HDMI out for the visual playback due to needing to clone the output (its also streaming to a Youtube)to an audience outside of the church (Covid Protocol in California) so we could not use that output for the multi display. And our third monitor is being sent via a third Decimator (our second sends the video to the outside screens) to the sanctuary stage screens. (ProPresenter) Its a fun little set up with 3 PTZ optic cameras.
Awesome.And vey weird about the copy protection. Connecting the Mac to the ATEM directly works fine, but passing it through the SEETEC adds protection? That doesn't really make sense… so strange!
@PhotoJoseph Thats what was told to me by a guy who sets these up ALL the time. NO matter what resolution or frequency we tried it would show up on the Quad but not on the ATEM.. There is supposedly protection already on the Mac called DHCP And you are supposed to be able to bypass it via an HDMI Splitter also (too bad I heard about that after the fact :) those are cheaper but thats what the Decimator also does but at a very hefty price tag.
@Hal White weird. But I’m glad it worked!!
Great tutorial. I keep having low quality computer screen. I followed all the videos but the colors (mainly red) is not good. Do you know why?
I’m quite sure the answer is in your first sentence, amigo!
@PhotoJoseph i might have written in the wrong way. I have a new mac m1 and 4K monitor. I meant the video coming out of atem is in low color quality but only the screen share.
Ahh that makes more sense. Watch this video and let me know if this helps:
I’m still trying to get a simple solution. I use a two iPhones and a GoPro. I’m trying to route all through my ATEM Mini Pro. Then I need to connect to my MacBook Pro to the studio software for streaming. What am I not getting all devices to transmit.
you're gonna have to tell me how you're trying to connect them, and what is or isn't working. I can't tell you what you're doing wrong without knowing what you're doing ;-) You may want to schedule some 1:1 time with me…
Thanks for the well packed piece of information.Amazing!
Does the Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter send the audio too to the ATEM Mini Pro/ISO Although, it is not ideal, it's good to know it if it does it.
yes it does!
Packing this much information without other stuff is extremely rare. Great planning, and execution of a great production. Super quality. I like the ATEM mini, but I have to wonder if I also want the multi source monitor and additional inputs, but price rises rapidly from the smallest unit. Thanks!
Thank you, and you're welcome. If it makes you feel any better, prices go all the way up to $10K so you're not doing bad at $1,000! haha
Thank you very much for this video! I Would have a question: Can one flip the picture 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise in Atem Mini?
I thought you could but I just checked the ATEM Mini Pro ISO and the ATEM Mini Extreme, and rotation of the upstream key is NOT available. I also own a much higher end ATEM 2 M/E, and on that one, you can rotate the USK. Sorry!
@PhotoJoseph Ok - thank You for your answer! There is this problem with Osmo pocket and iPhone connection that would solve by rotating the picture in Atem Mini but I try to find a new solution. Thank you again! 😊
Very cool 😎
But I have a question sir?
Can I stream with the phone also directly into the atem and switch from a real camera to a phone camera ?
Yes; when the phone is connected as shown here, you should be able to open the camera and see it on the ATEM. However the camera’s UI will show up here, as it’s just screen mirroring, and there may be an additional delay. I think Filmic Pro added a clean UI feature to the app; worth looking into if you want to use it this way.
@PhotoJoseph thanks so much
Great help
God bless you
Really like your Mini series on the ATEM. If you've not done any detailed info yet, can you try to show your HDMI video player? I'd like to try to introduce that into my ATEM Mini for a Livestream intro.
There isn’t much to show. It’s cheap and shitty but it does the job.
I have an Atem Mini Pro Iso. There is only one USB C extension. If I connect this one to my laptop, is it possible to record from Atem this way (thru laptop)? And how?
You could use OBS to record, but that might interrupt whatever else you’re using the USB connection for. The Extreme models have two USB ports for this reason.
Great video!
Dude your channel is so legit. You make the most useful searchable videos. Every time I search for something ATEM related your channel pops up and your vids always help. Thank you!!
Awesome episode. Thanks
1) extremely helpful video, thank you!
2) I have one on the way to upgrade my YouTube livestreams
3) beard is on point man! Looks great
My goodness gracious! You Sir are Da Man!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your videos (this one is GREAT!)
I been having so much trouble with my Atem Mini Pro connecting to my MacBook Pro. 1. It doesn't automatically come up. 2. I downloaded the software and nothing happens. 3. I tried to change the resolution and it only gives one option. 4. The Gather Windows option doesn't work and scaled shows nothing at all. PLEASE HELP!!!
I have an Atem mini, but I can't project the output on an EPSON W32 +, do you have any idea why?

I already tried HDMI cables of different quality and it only flashes and nothing is seen, in all televisions yes
So I have an HDMI cord coming out of both my Mac Book Pro & HP Laptops for video, my question is how do I get the audio along with it to play through Zoom?
Set the audio output in your computer to play out the HDMI port. Once a device is connected, it should show up there as an option.
Can i connect canon 5D mark iii & use it with vmix
Hi Joseph, if you play a 16:9 video on the iPad, would it then display the 16:9 video with no black bars?
Great video. Thank you.
Waiting for my Mini Extreme to do a full day webinar for a client.
1: I will have a hard drive connected for a recorded backup - does the hard drive NEED to be an SSD?
2: Is it necessary for me to use the Ethernet connection with the ATEM if I’m going to connect to a computer anyway? I will be using ZOOM for the webinar.

THank you.
What would I need to display iso view on television?
Thanks for that video!
Thanks for watching!
Thanks for that video! 🙏
Ordered that external media player to try to get a looping animated background 😊
great! It's simple but it works!
Have you given OBS a lookover for that? Looking to integrate it more with the workflow here.
SOS. Thanks for the tutorial. I can't broadcast live using my cell's internet. I can't broadcast my friends' soccer games. Please I need your help, what should I do? I have an ATEM Mini Extreme Pro. Thank you
I can’t help you without details, man. Does your phone have a tethering plan on it? It could be as simple as that.
Wow!!! Awesome information!!!
Bundle the interfaces w/ cabling,
and shoot us a price! I'm really motivated, after watching your presentation! Thank you so much!!!
Just noticed, some are having problems getting their computers to find the ATEM, during the initial setup process., What are the specs needed, for them to both "see" each other? Briefly...what are the main differences between the different models of the ATEM MINI? Not to buy "overkill" equipment, just a decent (well capable) setup, that gets the job done, "nicely"...without hiccups., Thank you for your time, and great expertise of knowledge!
Great video! Love that we can use so many more devices w/ the atem mini extreme.
I know is is backwards but can I connect a webcam to the hdmi input on the atem.
AGPtEK Mini 1080P Full HD Digital Media Player, worked great on ATEM Mini Pro, but distorted audio over HDMI on ATEM Mini Pro Extreme.
Has anyone else had audio issues with the player on the Extreme?
Thanks for the videos.
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