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Power ZOOM Lenses on the ATEM with a Pocket Cinema Camera

Photo Moment - June 10, 2021

If you have a powered zoom lens and a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC), you can probably control it from the ATEM Software Control when connected to any ATEM — here's how!

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In the previous ATEM (mini) Tip 11 I showed you how to control a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) through the ATEM Software, and in the case of the ATEM Mini Extreme or ATEM Mini Extreme ISO, even from the hardware. However there was one thing I left out — zoom control. That's because to control zoom on a lens, you have to have a powered zoom lens. After all, without a motorized zoom, how could the camera possibly zoom the lens for you! I recently had a Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 COMPACT-SERVO Cinema Zoom Lens in the studio for a project, and quickly shot this video while I had it. I even figured out something interesting about zoom control and ATEM macros that I had never seen before. Check it out!

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This video is by request! Lots of people wanted to see how the power zoom works, so here you go 😁 What else do you want to know? Also, please subscribe!!
Awesome, thank you for watching!
@Band Of Heroes Second that! Very nicely done, @PhotoJoseph!
Thanks again, PhotoJoseph. Really appreciate the time invested, super helpful!! My next new question regarding the BMPCC 4k: How do the recordings settings in camera affect the HDMI output. When using the BMPCC on the ATEM Mini via HDMI I have noticed that it seems to make a difference what codec and/or resolution has been chosen on the camera's menu. Sometimes the format of the image via HDMI seems to change slightly (adding black bars on top an bottom) etc. Any idea what might be the cause?
That’s because a format of C4K has been selected, which is a 16:9 aspect ratio. Codec will make no difference (codec refers to internal recording only), but aspect ratio, size and framerate all are reflected on the HDMI output.
@PhotoJoseph thanks! Next time I have a BMPCC around I'll try and go through all possible combinations of that and see what happens..
Great video. Can I ask do you know of lens options for bmpcc 4K with the same ability? I’m struggling to find any if they do existing.
Panasonic and Olympus both make a few power zoom lenses; there aren’t many. Google “micro four thirds power zoom lens”
What's a good servo lens for the bmpcc 4k?
Depends on your needs and budget
To stop you need execute “0” zero maco ;)
Is this lens (especially the zoom feature) working with the bmcp4k with a speedbooster?
Excellent tip!. Quick question: Let say I need to stream an event in multicam using the ATEM mini pro ISO, with 3 cameras, a laptop as a 4th input, and an SSD to record the program output as well as all four inputs,...and I would also like to have access to the ATEM software functions, would I need to have an additional laptop just to work the ATEM software? Thanks.
That’s advisable. Otherwise you will have to be very careful about switching to your laptop source, knowing with confidence that the right thing is on the second display. It’s not impossible to do with a single laptop, but it’s much easier with two. If you’re using it to play video or photos, consider using an iOS device instead. It’s much easier because the photo/video output is full screen with no UI.
@PhotoJoseph Excellent. great advise. Thanks!
I love your training segments . . . this one was very informative . . .
Thank you kindly!
one thing I have noticed using the ATEM with BMPCC, with the SEETEC ATEM 4 input monitor. It doesnt pass the camera controls through the HDMI ports. Shame.
That's interesting. They must no be passing the full HDMI protocol through their ports. Bummer.
Just an idea:
Stop zooming with hitting a additional macro with "0".

Can't verify myself as I do not have a BMCC.
Can you toggle the macro run button to suspend the zoom?
No, that would just start it again. But someone suggested sending a command of “0” which appears to be “no movement” and maybe that’d stop it.
Cool discovery, thank you!.
Has anybody a tip for a good mft Power-Zoom lens?
To stop the zoom where you want just create a macro with the zero value again! With the macros you've created it continues to press the button for infinite time. More exactly, Even when the lens reaches the max/min zoom it continues the effort like you are still pushing the button. So giving the value of zero again it stops! Even in the middle!? (I suppose!)
I was struck by the same thought. When you recorded the macro the first time you had released the zoom control and it had returned to the center position (no motion). You then discovered that changing that value caused the lens to move in a specific direction and speed which were dependent on the sign and value, 1.0 being the fastest movement. Since this number defines speed and direction a 0 would logically be don’t move (stop). Would be great is someone could confirm or disprove this.
Another assumption would be that for those who use Companion and StreamDeck to run macros, the not-zero values on Press Button, and zero value on Release Button would create a satisfying zoom function.
@Volleykanalen that it would. Ok I gotta test this!
@PhotoJoseph Would be awesome to hear if it did work or not :)
@PhotoJoseph please do... and let us know! Another great ATEM demo & tip!
This is fun. But for the price of this lens... I'd rather just see a 4k capable Atem Mini Extreme come out one day and then just crop in with the switcher or in post (being happy with an HD quality frame).
That's not the only lens of course… there are other motorized lenses. For me the biggest problem with them though is the cheap ones are usually variable aperture.
It's not only a question of cost.
Even VERY high priced zooms are not with constant aperture.

If you need constant aperture just set it fix to aperture provided on tele side.
I have used the bigger Black Majic mixer with the remote that allows you to do everything with these cameras. I find it funny seeing all these high end camera being used on ATEM which only handles HD.
haha totally. I use a 2 M/E in my daily production, and it's constantly back and forth between UHD for internal production and HD for streaming.
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