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Long HDMI over Fiber for ATEM Mini

Photo Moment - September 22, 2021

Standard HDMI is limited to about 20 meters (66 ft). But in this video, you'll see that fiber — now an affordable option — can go much, much longer. And you don't even have to give up camera control for the Pocket Cinema Cameras – if you know what cable to buy!

Fiber HDMI Cables in this video

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HDMI cables can't go very long — about 20 meters is the published maximum. And HDMI over fiber is really, really expensive — or, at least it used to be! Now there's a whole new crop of HDMI over fiber cables that are extremely affordable. Even if you need two-way data, to control a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera from the ATEM, that's available, too!

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Want more ATEM? How about 4+ hours of pure ATEM training?
Watch this:
Just wondered if the ARC capability would allow for controlling PTZ camera movement?
PTZ isn’t controlled over HDMI, in my experience. Separate control protocol.
Am I able to install these fiber hdmi cables with a 90 degree bend in the run (150ft)? Heard that they may break.
You do need to be careful with fiber cables. If you need to go 90° I would make it a sweeping bend, not a hard turn. Meaning, don’t just wrap it hard around the corner of a building. Fiber optics = glass fibers and can break. Performance can be affected too with too sharp of a bend.
HI, I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING YOUR CONTENT FOR A WHILE Quick question how hot is the atem iso exstream meant to get my one feels uncomfortable to touch on the underside is that normal?
Yeah that’s normal. You’re not meant to touch the underside :-) As long as the fans are clear you’re fine. It moves the heat to the bottom of the unit away from where you are supposed to be touching it.
Amazing, just what i'm looking for for live at client's site.
Thank you for this video. I got the link to your video from 'Here to record' and was so disappointed that I could not buy Black Magic cameras to upgrade my set due to the sdi 'one way street' communication. I currently do my connections hdmi-sdi-hdmi as I really need the length. The fiber-hdmi cable could be the solution and I am going to buy and test them now for sure before upgrading to Black Magic cameras. Thank you so much for this video
Awesome. The other option you have is the Blackmagic bidirectional microconverter — that will convert hdmi to dual SDI so you can regain camera control. I need to do a video on this
Can you check latency again? I feel there is lag compare to direct hdmi connection.
I just tested and the latency was identical between a short standard HDMI cable and a 300ft HDMI optical cable. You can run the test yourself easily — download the audio sync files for the frame rate you're using and record a test. Here's instructions:
Thanks for the info! Sorry the affiliate link didn't work for me. Could someone share a link of a ARC tested cable 100ft or greater?
That’s odd; I just tried it. What country are you in? Just search “fiber hdmi arc” on Amazon of the link still isn’t working.
@PhotoJoseph I'm in Canada. Once I click thru it takes me to a Amazon page with several different HDMI cables.
I'll try searching and will let you know what happens after I test it out.
Thanks! Sorry for the late reply.
@A M yeah availability will differ country to country but Amazon should show you local options.
Some of my cheap HDMI optical fiber failed after using some time for fixed installations. Might be due to overheating as sometimes powered on for more than 8 hours
Ouch! First I’ve heard. Where did they come from?
@PhotoJoseph from an OEM in China
Great video, thank you for making the tests. We are using this kind of HDMI over fiber cables, and they are really good. Didn't get the chance to use the Blackmagic cameras, we are using GH5's for now.
Right on, thanks for letting me know. Always good to hear from people using these longer than I have!
can sdi work on blackmagic camera?
I don’t understand the question. Some BlackMagic cameras have SDI on them, or you can convert hdmi to SDI if you want. Does that help?
I used two of the Amazon Basics 150' last week and they worked perfectly! The extra long cable run allowed me to set-up a pretty cool camera angle which the client loved! Thanks for the vid!
That's awesome to hear, Randy! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks @PhotoJoseph! My Atem mini lives in a flight case with a 3ft hdmi to a keystone jack on the back. Ideally I wouldn’t want to plug this straight into the camera either, maybe have a little (clamped in place) hdmi lead on the source end too. Have you tested the lead with little extensions or does it have to go from point to point?
I have not tested with extensions, sorry. But I'd imagine it'd work fine… don't see why not.
Thanks for explaining ARC. I have several of the Amazon Basics (non-ARC) cables, and was always curious if they did camera control (have BMD switchers but no BMD Cameras yet)
I'm sure there's more to ARC than I explained, but it was enough for this to work! ;-)
Hi, there is also a mid-fiber option: the COPPER cable with electronic amplifier built-in. Amazon names them ‘with REDMERE technology’. Their maximum length is about 50m (I have 30,5m one), but they are about 2-3 times cheaper then their actual sisters of fiber.
For me they work fine (but on ports 2-8 I still need to use a splitter to amplify signal again). I guess it could be fun & useful if you could test them someday ;)
Thanks for all your work.
I just looked on Amazon… 50ft REDMERE was $45 and 50ft fiber is $55. If you need to add an amp then the fiber is better. Plus the copper cables will be bigger and heavier. I think fiber wins here!
My Nikon D500 works with 15’ HDMI max to the ATEM Mini Pro. Will a 50’ fiber cable work then? It may be quality of cable.
Didnt we have this conversation on another platform?
@PhotoJoseph yes. Sorry for the cross-post. I thought as busy as you are I would put it out to the group. I will just have to buy a 50’ or 100’ for fiber HDMI cable and test it. Thanks.
No worries; I couldn’t find the conversation. Yeah testing sounds like it’s in order.
Perfect timing! Exactly what I was looking for now! Thank you!
Thanks Joseph, opens up a more affordable option for most.
Just curious, did you try using the not arc cable with your black magic camera to see if any control functions worked?
Yeah, of course. I got that one first, and ordered the second after doing more research. But here’s the really weird thing… I tried it again after I did the video, and it worked! Then I double checked the description of the first 300ft cable, and it does say ARC! So maybe the length made it unreliable?? Haven’t had time to really dig in. Was very very strange though.
Thanks for the info. It will be useful.
The negative is I feel a need to buy more stuff.
LOL welcome to my life. There’s always something else to buy!!
Great Update as always!!
Thank you!
QUESTION I have noticed that when I shoot video on my GH85 for my channel that I get exposure flickering so it appears that my lights are changing intensity. This usually happens when I hold up an object. This does not happen on the two G7's that I also use. I am very new to the video side and in my seventies so I am not always quick to understand new tech. Any suggestion would be helpful, my guess in the auto exposure setting. Thanks Great channel I have learned so much.
Is the flickering on LED lights on the object, or is the exposure actually changing? If it’s LED lights, then it has to do with shutter speed, and if it’s not happening on the G7, then just replicated the exposure settings from the G7. And also if it’s actually changing exposure, then you want to be in manual exposure, not any form of auto.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you. You were correct the GH85 was set up differently.
GREAT INFO! Thanks for sharing.
My pleasure!
I also use HDbaseT converters for really long HDMI runs, have for about 8 years, they now have a 4K60 version and it really rocks. CAT6 cable and I have almost 400'.
I may get once of these fiber cables, as it could come in very useful in many places!
How do those price compare to the Fiber cables?
@PhotoJoseph $75-$300 depending on your needs. 1080p60 up to 4K 60 4:4:4
Are you able to get camera control?
@Ronny Settle I don’t know, don’t use BM cams.
Killer! Thank You!
You’re welcome!
I had no idea this was available. Thank you!
Quite new to me as well! I’d heard about it, then bought the non-ARC one, that didn’t work, did some research, put 2+2 together and crossed fingers 🤞🏻 and hoped the ARC would work for the BMPCC — and it did!!
What happens if we plug a 100ft HDMI to a micro-hdmi to a camera? Will it work?
@PhotoJoseph Thankyou. I have been following your channel for more than a year now. Learnt alot. Thanks again.
Thanks Ed. I couldn’t find an adapter, but I’ve just ordered one and it’ll be here Monday. I will test and get back to you. I needed one of these adapters anyway!
I have been successfully using a 40m hdmi/fiber cable with hdmi/micro hdmi adapter at camera.
@Samaria Baptist Church CCCVA awesome!
FYI I tested with the Micro to Full adapters I just got, and they worked fine!
Thanks for the information
You're welcome!
This is a fantastic option that I will be looking at. Hopefully the cables hold up.
I think like all fiber, you do have to care for them. You can’t treat them as badly as one might a regular HDMI cable. But with care, they definitely should last!
Can we connect wirelessly to atem mini from the camera?
Yes, but you will need a wireless HDMI unit such as the Hollyland Mars systems. Be aware they will introduce latency in your system.
@Aaron Nalder I need to set up for our church, I use hdmi but fixed to one place. How do I solve this issue thank you
@Miressa Morka Can you descrive the setup a bit more? It's not clear what the issue is.
Wireless is the way to go if you can’t run cable, but as Aaron said, you add latency. About half a second or so with the best Mars hardware. I did a big video on that a while ago; check this out:
Buh-bye SDI converters
I used 4 SDI converters on a production a month ago. I should have just gotten four of these cables.
No problem!
Thanks for the video! My only concern is regarding buying one of these for live wedding streaming. Are they strong and durable?
I haven’t had them long enough to say, however I will say that since they are fiber — they will inherently be more fragile then copper cables. It’s glass, after all. But if you care for them — don’t kink them, and don’t step on them — they should be fine.
I've used several of the Amazon Basics cables, and they are just as durable, if not more so than our other long HDMI cables.
Agreed. Amazon Basics aren't bad at all.
Insightful video! Now there are a few new items on my Amazon shopping list... have you noticed any signal integrity differences (latency, color loss, etc) between a traditional HDMI and fiber HDMI cable? It would be interesting to see how these cables hold up for long running recording sessions since the cable's internal media converters are being powered solely via the HDMI connector and might be susceptible to heat issues. Awesome video as usual!
Thanks buddy. I haven’t tested long enough for that but so far, so good
I've used several of the Amazon Basics (non ARC) ones and the picture quality is great, and the durability is just as good or better than our other long HDMI cables.
Bought my 100m cable in may of 2020 and it’s been invaluable for many streams
That’s awesome to hear!
When connected to others inputs (2, 3, 4, etc.) doesn't work so well
What do you mean? I connected to others (ok, not all of them) and had no issues. What do you mean by “doesn’t work so well”?
@PhotoJoseph It's like input 1 have an "extra" or more electric power than the others. I have to connect an active hdmi splitter to receive video signal without drops. (sorry for my english)
I just tried again on multiple inputs other than 1, and the all worked fine. Which ATEM have you tested this on? I was using the Extreme, which maybe has more power to the HDMI ports?
@PhotoJoseph  Thanks for your reply. I have atem mini pro 😤
@Efraim Valderrama could be the cable, too. Don’t inherently blame the ATEM over some cheaply made cable! Just saying, Maybe try another brand cable
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